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 [Updated] Ru.

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PostSubject: [Updated] Ru.   Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:48 am

Quote :

"Those who stand before me are no lesser than me, they're brave individuals. But I will humble you, don't mistake that."

Habboon Username : Excandesco
Full name : Rowan.Rose.Patrick.Clarke Ru.
Alias : Row N/A
Height and Weight : 5'4" And 115lbs
Eye Colour  : Dark brown

߷ Birth - Fall/Autumn:
Date - 19th October 1995
Place - Ireland, Belfast
Age - 13
߷ Education - Studying at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry:
House - Hufflepuff
Year - 2
Rank - Student
߷ Personalized Information - Extra Information 
Place of Origin - Northern Ireland
Blood - Half-blood
Wand - Yew wood with a Unicorn hair core 10 ¾" and Reasonably Supple flexibility
Boggart - Unknown.  
Erised - Ru's brother alongside his pet snake
Patronus - A King Cobra
Amortentia - Burning wood
Traits - Determined, Resilient, Observant
Religion - None  
Favorite Color - White  
Food - Strawberries  
Drink - Water 
Hobbies - Practising spells, playing the Piano and Observing people. 
Music - Instrumental 
߷ Creatures -
Pet - Missing. 
Favorite -  Scorpions.
߷ Spells -
Best - Accio / Protego 
Decent - Reparo / Expelliarmus  
Worst - Wingardium Leviosa 
߷ Subjects - Lessons 
Best - Defence Against the Dark Arts / Herbology  
Worst - Astronomy  
߷ Three words -  
One - Deter 
Two - Suffer  
Three - Prosper

 ֍ Biography / Character's History. ֍ 

Since leaving Hogwarts it seems as if the real world really is a dark and mysterious place... Oh yes, Life has changed. You may notice that this is nothing like myself, well; I am no longer the boy I once was, I am now going under the Alias as "Ru." (The name of my lost snake). I have ditched the old ways. Oh right, I really should tell you about my parents - They're currently seated in a cell inside of Azkaban, y'know the block in the middle of nowhere, yea that. It was said that they had violently murdered two muggle-born children.. But that's not the case. It was my fault. I Killed them... but they were no innocent children, they destroyed my work, they destroyed my house.. and they destroyed my childhood, So... I killed them.

This may seem pretty dull, or out of the blue, but that's what life is out here. When you feel pain, true pain it's something that will change the course of your life forever. I officially have lost everything that meant something to me, and for that.. I shall seek vengeance. The type of vengeance that has never been seen before, I shall slaughter and open the people that removed my beloved creatures. As for my parents, well... they were merely pawns in a game of chess, and whatever happened after my brothers death has been fake. I shall be the one to shine his grave with life, and bring him back from death. I shall see him again, he will be the one to help me finish my quest.

But before I go, allow me to announce one last thing. I am no extremist, nor am I a racist towards either muggle-born or pureblood. I have not got a side, nor do I plan on choosing one. My side, is whomever can give me the best chance at my ideology.

Anyways, enough of my story, I have a long venture ahead, catch ya on the flip side.

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[Updated] Ru.
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