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PostSubject: Rowan.R.P.Clarke.   Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:48 am

Quote :

Rowan Clarke
Habboon Username : Excandesco
Full name : Rowan.Rose.Patrick.Clarke
Alias : Rowan / Row
Height and Weight : 5'4" And 115lbs
Eye Colour  : Dark brown

߷ Birth - Fall/Autumn:
Date - 19th October 1995
Place - Ireland, Belfast
Age - 12
߷ Education - Studying at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry:
House - Hufflepuff
Year - 2
Rank - Student
߷ Personalized Information - Extra Information 
Place of Origin - Northern Ireland
Blood - Half-blood
Wand - Yew wood with a Unicorn hair core 10 ¾" and Reasonably Supple flexibility
Boggart - A tall black cloaked figure, with a dark shadow covering the upper part of its face, only revealing only its frosty white lips with part of its flesh being entirely white.  
Erised - If he ever looked into the mirror, he would see his brother standing beside him, with a large grin on his mouth, wearing the Hogwarts robes; with a snake around his shoulders.
Patronus - Unknown
Amortentia - The scent of oranges
Traits - Resilient, Caring,
Religion - None  
Favorite Color - White  
Food - Strawberries and Juicy Apples  
Drink - Lemonade 
Hobbies - Listening to music, Reading, Testing/learning new spells, Playing Piano/Guitar  
Music - Country, Instrumental 
߷ Creatures -
Pet - Ball Python - Roman/Ru 
Favorite -  Snakes.
߷ Spells -
Best - Accio / Protego 
Decent - Reparo / Expelliarmus  
Worst - Wingardium Leviosa 
߷ Subjects - Lessons 
Best - Defence Against the Dark Arts / Herbology  
Worst - Astronomy  
߷ Three words -  
One - Protect 
Two - Suffer  
Three - Prosper

 ֍ Biography / Character's History. ֍ 

Rowan or Row was born into a family of three, Two brothers, and a sister. However, Rowan's brother -- his twin, unfortunately passed away on 20th December 2002.  The family went on a vacation to America, and so they decided they wanted to have a little fun, Rowan and his brother went to a nearby forest to see if they could find anything. Both of them had an obsession with snakes, and Spiders, So they went out in hope find something time consuming. However the landscape was damp and muddy, Within an hour the two were deep inside of the forest, neither one of them knowing their location. So, before it got dark the pair decided to turn around. On their way back, the two slide down what seemed to be a slope, suddenly they both stumbled, and was sent viciously dragged down the hill.  The pair were found 16 hours after the accident, severely injured and unconscious, Rowan - fractured his right shoulder, Tore multiple Ligaments and was hospitalized under intensive care. As for his brother, his brother had suffered sufficiently more, he had a fractured skull, broke both legs and had internal bleeding on the brain and in multiple other locations, and was also in a coma. For several the Doctors dried to help the boy, however his heartbeat decreased with everyday, until his very skin was pale, and on the 5th day, his body finally gave in. And his heart stopped beating. Rowan finally woke up after two weeks, However, he he was told the tragic news a few days later.

Once they all got back to Belfast, it felt different. It took around a month for the family to decide to make a new life, and so they all decided to travel to England, Not only for a fresh start, but also for work, And for Educational purposes. Rowan's father applied charms to his body to help him heal slowly, but he had to keep it hidden from his mother as he prefers to keep the magical stories secret. For the first few months in England, Rowan traveled as much as he could, and went to nearly every single Zoo nearby over three times. He also spent a sufficient amount of money on their accessories and collected a bundle of wrist bands, to which he piles inside a box under his bed.

And then one day Rowan was in the forest, landed against a tree relaxing, and all of a sudden a white envelope would land directly on his right thigh. Curiosity consumed his body, as he quickly opened the letter. And it said "Mr Rowan Clarke, We're pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." And so he ran home to inform his father, And they were on their way right to Diagon alley, and then after the next few weeks, he was attending at Hogwarts. Rowan never quite found any friends, only mutual students. He was normally found either inside the library reading books, or in the dorms with a Snake wrapped around his arm. Rowan named the snake after his brother, Roman. And from what felt like a snap of a finger, the first year was over. And everyone was packing their luggage, and were back on the train.

This year Rowan wanted to dive deeply into Animals. Already owning a Ball Python, and other creatures, Rowan thoughts that he would like to expand, so we went into the forest which literally surrounded his house in a thick layer of tree's with the intent of finding more animals that are in need of help. In the end he found over ten different type of species, some even magical creatures, such as many Tbowtruckles. During leisure time he dived deep into books and learning new spells. He asked his father for many books, of which some were denied yet most were accepted. Rowan mainly prioritized around Healing charms; as these were the ones that were essential for the supervision of creatures. During his reading, Rowan found a peculiar spell, one that he thought would keep his creatures safe, Rowan consulted his father about this, and after many days of asking, and pleading; Rowan finally got the authorization. They needed something that Rowan could hold on him at all times, and something that he can access easily, so they both decided on a black Briefcase.

And after months of preparation, It was finally ready, All of the animals had been transferred into what would become their home, and each had the environment made for their standards.

From what little time Rowan had remaining of the Holiday, he spent inside of the bag... well inside of the Habitats should I say. Tweaking at small things, just to make everything perfect, as well as adjusting to the area, and allowing the animals to adjust ( Which took a while, especially getting them into the bag ). But once they settled in, everything seemed kooshty.

(Extra Infomation)
Rowan's father decided to take the boy to musical lessons, knowing his passion for the art, he felt it was a smart thing to do, there Rowan learned the cords on the piano And how to play the Guitar. The guitar took Rowan a little longer, as he never quite understood the strings, and the pressing. As for the piano, Rowan caught on swiftly, and adapted to become a splendid musician, He did a little on vocal training; but after a while Rowan got bored of it as it was a waste of time in his eyes, and restricted the time with his animals.

But once that phase passed, Rowan was placed trained under Boxing, and on Saturdays attended a Mix Martial Arts training which was highly intense with little to no breaks. He attending Mixed Martial Arts for a few months before departing, However he stayed with boxing, up until getting the bag, To which he completely stopped training, and turned his life back to animals.

߷ Rowan's Ball Python - Roman / Ru

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