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 Kazuhira Huey

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ponyo. wrote:
ponyo. wrote:

“ World's changing. It's time we change too. “

Habboon Username : ponyo.
Character Name : Kazuhira Huey
Character Alias : "Kaz" "Hirakazu" "Hiryu" "Ryu"
Character Nationality : British-Asian
Character Height and Weight : 5'0, 80lbs
Character Eye Colour : Brown

BIRTH - Winter
→ date - 05/01/1996
→ place - England
→ age - Twelve Years Old
EDUCATION - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
→ house - Slytherin
→ year - 1st Year
→ rank - STUDENT
ORIGIN - England
BLOOD - Pureblood
→ mother - Pureblood
→ father - Pureblood
WAND - Aspen Wood, Phoenix feather core & 12 3/4 inches
BOGGART - Losing the one he holds most dear to him.
ERISED - To become one of a kind.
PATRONUS - Fox Terrier
AMORTENTIA - Vanilla, and Lavender
→ worst - Fumos (Smokescreen spell)
→ best - Incendio (Fire-Making spell)
→ worst - Muggle Studies
→ best - Defence Against the Dark Arts
TRAIT - Unrelenting

RELIGION - Atheist
COLOR - Black
→ one - Adamant
→ two - Tenacious
→ three - Misunderstood
FOOD - Salmon and Avocado Uramaki roll
DRINK - Coca-Cola
HOBBIES - Sports, Reading, and Dueling
MUSIC - Eagles, The Police, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie

Character History :
Kazuhira "Kaz" Huey, pure blooded wizard; hailing from the land of the Rising Sun.

"You're next."

These were the words ushered by his father, Jinpachi Huey, during his birth; his finger pointed directly at the healthy baby delivered from the womb of Kazuhira's mother,  Julie Ford. It was all smiles that day, the jubilation of a child being born from the love that both his parents shared.

As a toddler, he was brought up under the tutelage of his father, alongside his mother to support him, as they both taught Kaz the basics of the wizarding world. All this time was spent in Japan, a remote location in the mountains, up until the age of about 3.

After the age of 3, he; along with his mother and father; migrated elsewhere, moving to England. After arriving in England, they struggled to settle in a place of permanence, bouncing from temporary home to temporary home from the personal connections that his mother had made around England, mostly coming from her classmates from her time in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Finally finding a home, they settled in Hertfordshire. Kaz would be homeschooled by his parents; and by the age of 5, he would be able to speak and read English. Although he struggled a bit with his Japanese, with his father employing more strict methods with him as he grew older.

And at the age of 5, he attended primary school, honing in on his English; as well as his Math and Science. He knew full well, at the time, that he was a pureblood; but often acted muggle born, to keep the facade of his family intact, as to not reveal themselves to the community.

During these primary school years, he would use his own free time to hone on his father's native language, growing stronger and stronger with the Japanese tongue. Though he was familiar with the world of wizardry, he hadn't had a moment of exhibiting signs of magic. It was at the age of 7, an incident involving two students; himself and a muggle-born boy. The boy had been pestering Kaz, in fact bullying him; though it never came to physical abuse, more so emotional abuse - with the boy targeting Kaz's heritage, making fun of his eyes. This was the point where he finally exhibited signs of magic; Kaz had enough, screaming as he cupped his ears in both hands, and all of the sudden the eyes of the boy changed, shifting in size and dimensions; this was the point where his magic had begun to show.

After this event his parents, with almost no hesitation, reprimanded him; however, a letter sealed with the symbol of Hogwarts would soon appear before them. Upon receiving this letter, and opening it, they immediately took Kaz to Diagon Alley, knowing full well that he was headed to Hogwarts. First stop was Ollivanders, the wand shop where his mother got her very own wand, and it was this shop where he was greeted to his very own wand; though it took him some time to settle with a wand.

"Aspen wood with a Phoenix Feather core... About 12 3/4 inches and reasonably supple flexibility."

It was on this visit to Diagon Alley that he found his very own animal. A crow, one that seemed to gravitate towards him - and him to it. With his parents blessing he, himself, bought the crow. Along with the basic school supply bought beforehand, as well as some hand-me-downs from his mother, Kaz was ready for the upcoming year in Hogwarts; curious, and overwhelmed, by the mere thought of the first school year.

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Kazuhira Huey
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