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 ******* **** Shay

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Girei wrote:

“ I trust my Inner Eye, for it says you're a daft git - and I happen to agree. “

Habboon Username : Girei
Character Name : ******* **** Shay
Character Alias : Shay
Character Nationality : Irish
Character Height and Weight : 5'1" & 105lbs
Character Eye Colour : Hazel

* * * * * * * * * *
BIRTH - Autumn
→ date - November 11th, 1995
→ place - Galway, Ireland
→ age - Twelve
EDUCATION - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
→ house - Ravenclaw
→ year - Second
→ rank - Student
ORIGIN - Ireland
BLOOD - Pureblood
→ father - Pureblood
→ mother - Pureblood
WAND - Silver Lime • Unicorn Hair • 12 ¼" • Unyielding
BOGGART - Her older sister, forever being better than her
ERISED - A successful Seer and Legilimens - "Master of the mind"
PATRONUS - Unknown
AMORTENTIA - Coffee, Petrichor (Rain), Grandma's House
→ worst - Dancing Feet Spell (Tarantallegra)
→ best - Wand-lighting Charm (Lumos)
→ worst - Transfiguration - although Arithmancy is by far her most disliked (but she does not take it since it is non-compulsory)
→ best - Potions (becomes Divination once she reaches year 3)
TRAIT - Individualistic

COLOR - Purple
→ one - Snarky
→ two - Refined
→ three - Intuitive
FOOD - Dark chocolate, as it helps with focus
DRINK - Coffee
→ pet - Owl
→ favourite - Swooping Evil
HOBBIES - Chess, Debate, Fortune Telling
MUSIC - Classical, Jazz, Folk

* * * * * * * * * *

Character History :

“ Me mam decided she'd give me the most horrifyin' name ever, says she wasn't expectin' to have another girl so she figured it'd be nice to name me after her great-great Grandmother - with no consideration for how I'd feel about it, mind. “

"Shay" is no stranger to the pressure of succeeding, having grown up in a Slytherin household that always stressed the value of ambition and accomplishment. What her parents would think as proper encouragement to get Shay to follow in their footsteps instead drove her further apart from them, much to their personal confusion.
Her individuality became particularly prominent early on, being raised alongside an older sister that seemed to be the perfect child. Bridget Shay displayed intelligence, skill and aptitude beyong her parents wildest dreams, constantly scoring high on exams and being known as quite the charmer to professors and students alike at Hogwarts.  

"Think of what Bridget would do. You should really consider being more like her, you know."

The constant praise given to Bridget for her actions, and in turn a lack of appreciation given to "Shay" who was still learning, only blossomed a bitter desire of her own. She wanted nothing to do with being in the shadow of someone else and underappreciated as she was, so she sought out to not only be herself - but be better than her sister or what her parents were ever hoping for to prove that her independence could pay off, and all their bickering for her to "fall in line" was utterly useless.
As such, Shay grew into a personality full of individuality, independence, and snarky sarcasm - a form of self defense that both repels her inferiors and displays her intelligence.
Despite this disconnection from her family and their wishes, it still brings question to why Shay was not sorted into Slytherin nonetheless: She may have not been like the rest of her family, but she had her own form of ambition and cunning that surpasses most in it's intensity. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, beyond those layers of resentment and personal desires to be the best that she could, there was an undoubtedly curious child that simply wanted to learn for the sake of learning, and know for the sake of knowing. With her individuality, love for knowledge and attachment to the creative side of the mind, she was a proud bearer of the blue and bronze stripes.

The complexity of her family, however, does not stop there. Shay's great grandmother (maternal side) was said to be orphaned at a young age; an event that changed the course of the family and their history forever.
It came about due to Shay's great-great Grandmother, who was claimed to be one of the best Seers known to the modern age (although not as prestigious or skilled as the famed Cassandra Trelawney) despite her inexperience with life at the time. From a young age she made clear and detailed prophecies, was deeply in tune with the spiritual side of existence, and had a natural flare to her that made her a desirable source of fortune-telling. As she matured in to a fully-fledged witch, she had honed all of her abilities - being essentially disconnected from the world with an Inner Eye envied by many.
Having such strong capabilities has many uses for the world, but it ultimately puts a target on your back. She utilized her skills and grew it into a career, reading prophecies for people and telling them their fortunes. One Winters Eve she accepted a client in to her incense-covered, fabric-riddled shop and took a seat with them upon her various throw pillows. Much to the anger of the customer, Shay's great-great grandmother had read a disastrous prophecy for them, which had caused them to lash out at her, call her a fraud, demean her, etc. After threatening her life, they stormed out of the shop - leaving her aghast.
The times back then were much more barbaric than they were today, and such threats were very serious.
It was confirmed for her when she was sitting with her friends later in the month for Christmas dinner when she realized that 13 people were sitting at the table. 13 is considered a wildly unlucky number and an incredibly bad omen, and it is said that when 13 sit together, the first to rise is the first to die. Shay's great-great grandmother was at the time very pregnant, and compulsively rose from her chair due to her water breaking. It was as she heard the chair screech against the wooden floor from under her that she knew it; her death was upon her.
Shortly after giving birth to her daughter, while her husband was away making the arrangements for their child, the bitter client she had seen before happened to track her to her room and kill her. She'd foreseen it coming, and being weak as she was - had to simply accept her fate.
Many of her belongings have been lost with time, although a specific heirloom was entrusted to her husband to give to their daughter: A charmed amulet, which she proclaimed "Great helped with focus for the Inner Eye" that was encrusted with jewels in star and moon shapes.

As time went on and generations passed, Shay's great-great grandmother became more and more of a distant tale, but Shay's mother was fascinated to know someone from long before their time had such prowess, and wished to give the name of the woman to her second daughter. One thing that never seemed to be forgotten, however, was her great-great grandmothers amulet.

As Shay grew, she began to experience odd dreams on the occasional night. As she journaled them, she wrote that they seemed "strangely 'real'" and "very detailed" although they "had many bits of the story left out."
One night, oddly enough, she had dreamed of a starry sky. A particular star dropped from the heavens and fashioned itself around Shay's neck, and as she looked down to the new piece of jewelry, she woke up. That very morning she went to visit her grandmother that lay on her death bed, giving her parting words to the family. Before the grandmother passed, she brought her bony fingers up to pull a necklace off of herself, revealing an antique looking amulet that caught Shay's attention. As the grandmother leaned to give it to Shay's mother, she claimed she felt strangely familiar with the amulet, like she had "seen" it somewhere before.
Without question, the grandmother changed her gesture to hand the amulet to Shay, beaming up to her as she said in a frail voice "As I thought, the legends are, in fact, true. How funny that you have her name, too."
She passed shortly after, leaving Shay with the single heirloom of her maternal side.
What her grandmother had said stuck with her deeply, and she pursued an investigation to figure out what she'd meant, all the while her prophetic dreams grew increasingly frequent.  
After enough questioning and research, she was able to finally find substantial information on her great-great grandmother she so dreadfully got named after. She'd found out she was a Seer (realizing that the abilities of a Seer are known to skip 3 generations), albeit her powers and abilities were tremendously watered down compared to her great-great grandmother.

With this knowledged bestowed to her, she found a sense of comfort. It was her gateway into becoming an individual, unique to her superiors, and directly out from her older sisters shadow. She would create her own shadow that cast over them instead, desiring to master the craft over the mind, and instead make herself and her great-great grandmother proud instead.
She collected her things for Hogwarts with her chin up, growing a habit of twirling her amulet around in her fingers when she wanted to focus or simply enter her mind and detach from the world. She happened upon a rather angry, intelligent and independent looking eagle owl that she felt she could resonate with when she searched for a pet in Diagon Alley.
A fan of juxtapositions and sarcasm, she named him the most intimidating thing she could think of - Butternut.

Since Shay is not easily skilled with being a Seer as her great-great grandmother was, she's utilized more physical forms of prophecy and fortune telling to help her. A particular one that happened to catch her attention the most were Tarot cards, finding a personal interests in shuffling the deck and imbuing the energy, on top of the symbology and requirement for interpretive skills necessary. The attention and thinking it requires helps her hone her intuitive skills while she practices on fellow students, eventually developing it into a party trick.

Shay's Tarot cards are specialized and not like regular Muggle cards, only requiring 7 cards and having their own unique ancient artwork and symbols/meaning on them.

.The Tower  
.The Chariot  
.The World
.The Shadow  
.The Moon  
.The Star  
.The Spider  

Shay would go into her first year in anticipation, curious to learn but overall a rather introspective and contemplative individual. She'd be prone to giving people a piece of her mind if she thought they were incorrect, being a fiery advocate for debating and philosophizing with her fellow Ravenclaws and other students alike. Perhaps not the most friendly or forthcoming, but certainly one of the most studious, Shay will go on to her 2nd year even more curious and personally developed than she was before.
And of course, anyone who deliberately says her real name will get an automatic omen of death and destruction in their next Tarot reading!

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******* **** Shay
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