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 Alistair Duboine

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Alistair Duboine wrote:

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“ Snakes may hiss and dogs may growl, but ours are the roar. “

Habboon Username : feudal
Character Name : Alistair Duboine
Character Alias : 'Red Prince'
Character Nationality : American
Character Height and Weight : 5'6, 150lbs
Character Eye Colour : Gold

Alistair Duboine LionBIRTH - January
→ date - 14/01/1995
→ place - Arkansas, USA
→ age - 12 Years Old
Alistair Duboine Lion EDUCATION - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
→ house - Gryffindor
→ year - 1st
→ rank - Student
Alistair Duboine Lion ORIGIN - USA
Alistair Duboine Lion BLOOD - Halfblood
→ mother - Pureblood
→ father - Muggleborn
Alistair Duboine Lion WAND - 12 1/2", Aspen Wood, Horned Serpent Horn Core
Alistair Duboine Lion BOGGART - Being seen as weak, unable, untrustworthy - or evil.
Alistair Duboine Lion ERISED - Spreading his name and that of his family, and to one day be known to all as a honorable, powerful and respectable wizard.
Alistair Duboine Lion PATRONUS - A Lion
Alistair Duboine Lion AMORTENTIA - Gasoline
Alistair Duboine Lion SPELLS -
→ worst - Homenum Revelio
→ best - Incendio
Alistair Duboine Lion SUBJECTS -
→ worst - Potions
→ best - Defence - Dark Arts
Alistair Duboine Lion TRAIT - Strong-willed

Alistair Duboine Lion RELIGION - None
Alistair Duboine Lion COLOR - Crimson
Alistair Duboine Lion THREE WORDS -
→ one - Honor
→ two - Fear
→ three - Determined
Alistair Duboine Lion FOOD - Rhubarb and Custards
Alistair Duboine Lion DRINK - Banana Milk
Alistair Duboine Lion CREATURE -
→ pet - German Shepherd
→ favourite - Lions
Alistair Duboine Lion HOBBIES - Reading, Climbing, practicing Spells
Alistair Duboine Lion MUSIC - Classical, Rock

Character History :
Born in a small town in Arkansas, USA, Alistair was born into a family who were well off, due to his mother being a property developer and his father being a lawyer. His childhood was cushy, although his mother had serious concerns over whether her son would be one of magic or not. Alistair soon showed signs of such. Alistair's family had deep ties in the wizarding world, and his mother was known to be an avid collector. In a valley near their house, there was a cave entrenched in water and rocks. In there, his mother kept her most prized animal: a Horned Serpent. His mother had a natural affinity towards Parseltongue through their roots, and as did Alistair, though he had to take time to refine his skills. Alistair would spend days, visiting the Horned Serpent - nicknamed 'Golem' - and speaking communicating with it to enhance his knowledge of parseltongue, as his mother requested. Alistair would spend days and nights with his mother and Golem, his mother teaching him basic spells and charms, and Golem helping refine his Parseltongue.

Alistair was always reading books on Wizardry, and when he wasn't doing that, he was doing something physical. He always had a strong sense of dignity, pride, honor and resilience in his young years, often helping other kids with things that they couldn't do themselves, even getting into some fights with bullies. His mother would refer to him as 'Red Prince', due to his hair color and due to how he always seemed to be saving 'damsels' in distress.

Eventually, his mother decided, when he was old enough, to send him to Hogwarts, as he had received an invitation. Rather than send him to an American school, Alistair's mother decided that sending him to Hogwarts, where Parseltongue was more common, would be more helpful in enhancing his skill, and would also give him a larger sense of independence rather than being so close to his parents.

Alistair Duboine Hqdefault

A lion sleeps in the heart of every brave man.

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Alistair Duboine
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