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Obito wrote:

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“ How about a game of cards? “

Habboon Username : Obito
Character Name : Jacques Tyr Rousseau  
Character Alias : JT
Character Nationality : French-Norwegian
Character Height and Weight : 5’7” and 120lbs.
Character Eye Colour : Green

JT Rousseau 387piRj
BIRTH - Autumn
→ date - 2nd September 1994
→ place - Morskogen, Norway
→ age - Thirteen years old
EDUCATION - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
→ house - Slytherin
→ year - Second
→ rank - Student
ORIGIN - Norway
BLOOD - Half-blood
→ mother - Pureblood
→ father - Muggleborn
WAND - Red Oak • Dragon Heartstring • 13 ½"
ERISED - An accomplished wizard, recognised by the term 'Warlock'.
AMORTENTIA - Nectarines, Blossoms
→ worst - Tickling Charm (Rictusempra)
→ best - Full Body-Bind Curse (Petrificus Totalus)
→ worst - Astronomy
→ best - Charms & Transfiguration
TRAIT - Ambitious

COLOR - Silver
→ one - Determined
→ two - Clever
→ three - Precise
FOOD - Udon Noodles
DRINK - Butterbeer
→ pet - Augurey
→ favourite - Phoenix
HOBBIES - Cards, Cryptography, Spell-work
MUSIC - Grunge, Alternative Rock, Pop-punk

Character History :
JT Rousseau was born to Norwegian mother Nina, and French father Henri Rousseau, in Morskogen, Norway. They lived there for no more than three years, in which Henri was gathering information for his journal, as a magizoologist. Henri took JT on a day-trip, in search of Bowtruckles. However, on their journey, they came across something much more frightening; a troll. The small boy was terrified by the beast, and screamed in terror. Henri released a few spells at the beast, stunning it briefly, though to little avail. As his son was already horrified by the behemoth, Henri knew it was best to leave, leading him to retreat, before disapparating.
JT Rousseau 230433378036211

It was after this instance that Nina, the boy's mother, decided that she wanted her son protected, even if she was not present to uphold this. She proceeded to tattoo a number of protective, and combative runes across his back, and arms; whilst also imbuing each rune with a magical property and effect. Though she did not teach JT how to make use of the combative runes at such a young age, she wanted to make sure that when he grew up, he'd be familiar with them already. As an auror, Nina was able to administer healing charms and had a knowledge of natural herbs that would salve the pain from the tattoos. As the tattoos bear magical properties, they are constantly floating across the boy's back, and moving up and down his forearms.

After three years in Norway, the family moved to Surrey, in England. They did this as a tactical move, so that their son would attend Hogwarts in the years to come, rather than Beauxbatons, like Henri had, or Durmstrang - like Nina. He attended primary school in England, and finessed his knowledge of the English language. JT's language knowledge extends beyond just one language though, as he communicates with his parents in french (mostly). Though he tries with Norwegian, for his mother's sake, he feels it is a harder language to learn. Nina continues to push him to extend his knowledge, and not to give up.

As he was growing up, JT took interest in his father's work; Magizoology. He learnt about a number of magical creatures that his father studies and works with, including: Doxies, Demiguises, Chizpurfles, Crups, Augureys, Mooncalves, Streelers, Trolls, Hippogriffs, Thestrals and Werewolves. Of the wide array of creatures that took JT's fancy, he was always intrigued and fascinated by Augureys. The gorgeous shade of green that fades to black on their quills. The fact that they can detect rain, and notify others with a shriek is a bonus, as JT has always taken a liking to this form of precipitation.
JT Rousseau A20c4dc9886a07fec878ef5ed3969aee75fe63f4_hq
Once he reached 11, JT went with his father to Diagon Alley to purchase his school-things, and on that trip, instead of acquiring one of the typical three animals attributed to Hogwarts students; Owls, cats and toads, he acquired an augurey as his pet. After one of Odin's ravens, JT named his augurey Munin, which in old Norse means Memory, or Mind.

Though the Augurey intrigues and fascinates JT; there is no creature that compares, in his mind, to the legendary Phoenix. He has such an appreciation for the creatures that he has a number of sketches of phoenixes, that he has drawn, that he carries around with him just so he can look at them every so often. They're not the most remarkable drawings, but it's the pride that he takes in his work, for something he appreciates so dearly that matters to him.

For his first year of schooling at Hogwarts, JT was mostly alone. He knew people, but he rarely spoke to them. It was not that he preferred his own company, but that he struggled to interact with others. In his time alone, he practised card tricks, and his spell-work; revising what he had learnt, and refining his knowledge and skills. Whilst reading alone, JT came across a particular word that drew his attention, and stuck in his mind. "Warlock - It originally denoted one learned in duelling and all martial magic or was given as a title to a wizard who had performed feats of bravery." The word and definition stuck in JT's mind. It has become his obsession, and source of ambition. Above all else, he seeks greatness, via this title.

For his second year at Hogwarts, JT has 'alleviated' a particularly special artifact from his father's possession. A demiguise fur cloak, imbued with a longevity charm, in addition to an invisibility enchantment that adds to the already active-camouflage effect of the demiguise fur.

For his thirteenth birthday, JT received a letter with a present from his parents, and inside the box was a Phoenix egg upon a plinth. Knowing that a phoenix egg can take up to several years to hatch, JT is not currently worried about where he'll house the bird. In addition to this, he spent his lunch-break, on his birthday, in the Forbidden Forest, running from a pack of acromantulas with Rowan and Shay, which has brought the trio closer as friends.

Halloween approaches, and over the past month, JT has been at work. He's been caring for his phoenix, and furthering his understanding, and talent, for Occlumency. He has since named the phoenix Jove, for the Roman God of the Sky. Furthermore, he has been attempting to create spells of his own, though to little avail. He has found one particular attempt to have proven successful, however, and intends to develop it as his schooling progresses.
GIFs of JT:

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Strength invites challenge. Challenge incites conflict. And conflict breeds catastrophe.

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JT Rousseau
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