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 Adelynn Marie Rose

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Athena wrote:

Adelynn Marie Rose 12313  

“ You only fail if you stop trying "

Habboon Username : Athena
Character Name : Adelynn Marie Rose  
Character Alias : "Addie" "Ads"
Character Nationality : French-English
Character Height and Weight : 4'10 and 94 lbs 
Character Eye Colour : Green

★ BIRTH - Winter
→ date -  14/01/1996
→ place - Brittany, France
→ age - Eleven
★ EDUCATION - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
→ house - Gryffindor
→ year - First
→ rank - Student
★ ORIGIN - England
★ BLOOD - Half-blood
→ mother - Half-blood
→ father - Pure-blood
★ WAND - Fir, Dragon heartstring, 11"
★ BOGGART - Not being able to live up to expectations 
★ ERISED - To be like her father  
★ PATRONUS - Unknown
★ AMORTENTIA - Campfires
→ worst - Reparo
→ best - Incendio/Alohomora
→ worst - Potions
→ best - Charms/Transfiguration
★ TRAIT - Assiduous
★ COLOR - Dark blue
→ one - Bold
→ two - Reserved
→ three - Affable
★ FOOD - Tarte Tatin
★ DRINK - Clementine juice 
→ pet - Kneazle
→ favourite - Hippogriff
★ HOBBIES - Reading, playing violin, studying mythical creatures 
★ MUSIC - Classical, Jazz

Character History :
In the Autumn of 1990, Marianne Roux travelled to London in hopes of finding a new beginning, after recently graduating from Beauxbatons Academy of Magic. Soon enough, on a cold winters night, Marianne met William Rose. William Rose was a relatively well known wizard, he was outstanding in Hogwarts and his magic was strong. The two fell uncontrollably in love, as if they were soulmates. Exactly six years later Marianne gave birth to Adelynn, who was their pride and joy. Her father especially, as he idolised his baby girl. He taught her many things about the wizarding world, he even crafted her a fake wand, which she ran around pretending to do spells with. By age four she was already showing hints of magic. Her mother spent most of her time homeschooling Adelynn, and teaching her both fluent French and English. Her childhood was bright and wonderful, and although she was an only child she was content playing with Chester, her father's Kneazle. Her parents never seemed to have a bad day with their bubbly redhead running around mischievously.

Her fun and childhood came to an abrupt end on her seventh birthday when her father never turned up. Adelynn spent her entire birthday at the window, looking out onto the snowy streets waiting for his return. The next day it was confirmed, William Rose had died of unknown causes. Only one thing was left behind, and not a simple clue alongside it. He left a Hippogriff, which bore a tag that simply read "My dear child, this is Guillaume. I know you will take great care of him. Love always, paps xxx." Having heard all about these creatures, Adelynn shakily bowed to him. She maintained eye contact, worries of the creature disliking her running through her head. Guillaume bowed elegantly back before moving towards the young girl. He nudged at her chest, causing a soft smile to form on Adelynn's lips. She gently placed her hand on the creatures beak, before running it down the soft feathers on his neck. A bond seemed to form instantly between the two, a bond that could only be strengthened in the years to come.

Following William's death, Marianne insisted on them moving to Brittany in France, a place Marianne was more comfortable with. Marianne quickly became a shell of what she used to be; Her red hair faded to a dull grey, her face wrinkled and her features seemed sharper than ever. She became unkind to Adelynn, speaking to her little and only with comments such as "Work harder you lazy child." Her loneliness combined with her grief made Adelynn very reclusive, and she stopped communicating with all but Guillaume, who she nicknamed Gil. So, she spent her time secluded, reading as many books as she could take in. She focused her reading on magical creatures, these being the most interesting topic to her. Her love probably stemmed from her father's passion of them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
By around age ten Adelynn began to slowly open up to others, but often carefully taking into account whom she wanted to interact with. She made no close friends, as she knew she would be moving soon. A week before her eleventh birthday she left her mother and Gil to move back to England with Chester, where they lived in Cambridge with a family friend. Her mother only allowed her to go as she wished for her to go to Hogwarts. Sure enough, on her eleventh birthday she received an acceptance letter from Hogwarts.  [/color]


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Adelynn Marie Rose
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