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 Request - Bowtruckle

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PostSubject: Request - Bowtruckle   Request - Bowtruckle EmptyFri Sep 21, 2018 6:03 pm

Quote :
Username: Sasori
Character name: Rowan Clarke
Creature Application: Bowtruckle
Knowledge of the Creature: They're small creatures that like to defend certain things, and if made aggressive they can prove themself to be harmful. However they can be rather affectionate at times showing their owner gratitude. They're also have strong "fingers" that can be helpful in certain situations, one of their uses are unlocking doors.
Previous creatures held: Roman - Ball Python
Where will the creature be kept in the roleplay?: Most of them will be inside of hit Briefcase, which stores the majority of his magical creatures, and normal animals. However, from time to time he may keep one or two on him, as some are still young, and he believes they need to get used to Human lifeforms, so that they will not fear then in the times to come.
Why do you want this creature?: I want this creature because my character has a liking towards all living things, he finds that there normally is something pretty even in the darkest inside of them. Not only that but because they're small creatures, and some people may seek to hunt them and use them for their own leisure; so he sees it as protecting them / saving them from other harm.
How will you be using this creature in the roleplay?: I will use this creature as another pet in a way, I will most likely engage it in secrecy and try not to get caught whilst doing so. ( So another a friend ), And another usage for it would be like said before, to get into places where you generally cannot go.
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PostSubject: Re: Request - Bowtruckle   Request - Bowtruckle EmptyFri Sep 21, 2018 7:19 pm

Obito wrote wrote:

Request - Bowtruckle Latest?cb=20111208135621

Your creature application has been accepted.

Strength invites challenge. Challenge incites conflict. And conflict breeds catastrophe.

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Request - Bowtruckle
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